Loving the Least – Day 1

Joining the 31 Day online writing challenge




Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Prayers for the Broken

Loving the Least


Surely You care
Surely You will come
Surely You will make all things right

Why do the poor move you?
Why do the afflicted move you?
What about the fatherless
and the widow?

Those the world could care less about
Move You deeply
For they know their need
They know they are dependent

You say to those who love You
Take care of these weak ones
I care for them
And I want you to care like I do
I want to give you My compassion
For without My compassion, My mercy, My great love
You have nothing

Take hold of my heart today
For I love the least

In loving the least
You will see My heart for you
When you understood you were the least too
Say yes to this invitation
And you will find life

Go to the weak, the poor, the broken,
Find My life in the least
And you will find your own life in Me

Write 31 Days

31 Days FMF

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p5a2Ez-n


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