The Little Ones – Day 2

Joining the 31 Day online writing challenge


Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Prayers for the Broken

The Little Ones


Abba, how do You see the little ones?
The children in need of a father,
The babies in need of a mother

How do You feel and ache for these little ones?

Abba, Abba, where are You when it comes to these?
Does Your heart roar with anguish and groan for the little ones?

O Father, my Father
Please rescue my fatherless one
Please rescue the many who have no one to hold them
Please bring ones to care for the babies and the toddlers
Who simply need and can do nothing more and nothing less

Abba, my heart hurts for these You’ve shown me
And there are so many more, so many

You hurt for them, You ache for them,
You love them for You made them

Abba, how do I hold my heart
and continue to feel what You feel
Your heart is overwhelming yet I will not turn away
because You’ve shared so much with me
And this relationship is forever
And these little ones will know You
And be rescued by You

Because You are their Father
And You are their Deliverer
Thank You for being Abba

For Day 1 Loving the Least

Write 31 Days

31 Days FMF



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