God of the Broken – Day 5

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Prayers for the Broken

God of the Broken

The beautiful, wonderful thing about You
Is that
You see
You hear
and You have compassion

You are the God who sees
and hears
and loves to move on behalf of those who cry out to You

You love to help the helpless
You love to meet with
and Father the fatherless
You are good and You are kind
And there is none like You
Not one
Who acts on behalf of the broken
Like You act on behalf of the broken

You fight on behalf of the afflicted ones
You don’t pass the weak by
You stop and look upon the ones in need
with love
You pick them up
And You love them freely

You are the God of the broken
You are the God of the weak, the poor, the fatherless, those in need
You are the God of me

shortlink: http://wp.me/p5a2Ez-I

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