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Humble One – Day 4

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Prayers for the Broken

Humble One

The humble broken One
The humble broken Man
You gave all to bring us into fellowship,
To bring us near

Humble God
Please visit the little ones, the children
The ones in greatest need today
Abba, visit them with Your affections,
Show them Your wonderful love for them
Please rescue little ones today

You are the humble One
You always let the children come near

Abba, draw little ones near to Your heart today
Visit fatherless ones, orphans who are in need of You
Thank You Father, that you are a Father to the fatherless
And that You are a Father to me


Day 1 Loving the Least
Day 2 The Little Ones
Day 3 The Fatherless

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31 Days FMF


His Love

His love will win
on behalf of the poor,
The brokenhearted,
The beautiful fatherless child

His love will win
His love will win

His love will win
on behalf of the oppressed,
The poor,
Those cast down

His love will win

Originally written 11/10/12