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31 Days of Prayers for the Broken

Joining the 31 Day online writing challenge




Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Prayers for the Broken


Day 1 Loving the Least http://wp.me/p5a2Ez-n
Day 2 The Little Ones http://wp.me/p5a2Ez-s
Day 3 The Fatherless http://wp.me/p5a2Ez-y
Day 4 Humble One http://wp.me/p5a2Ez-F
Day 5 God of the Broken http://wp.me/p5a2Ez-I
Day 6 The Cries of the Broken http://wp.me/p5a2Ez-Q
Day 7 My Prayer Today http://wp.me/p5a2Ez-13

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31 Days FMF


His Love

His love will win
on behalf of the poor,
The brokenhearted,
The beautiful fatherless child

His love will win
His love will win

His love will win
on behalf of the oppressed,
The poor,
Those cast down

His love will win

Originally written 11/10/12

Somehow, Someday…

I love you sweet Tali girl
Every time I get to spend time with you
It is precious to my heart

I can’t explain to you
Why things have been particularly difficult
For you
In your few years of life
And you couldn’t understand even if I could

Our good, good Abba
Sees you, He knows you, He loves you
Beyond understanding
More than I ever could

Somehow, someway
He will make sense of it all for you
And for me

As I think of you often
I will continually turn to our good, good Abba
And remind Him of you
Over and over again

And we will somehow, someday
See His goodness in the land of the living
I know we will

He will be all you need
Through your whole life
My sweet friend

Originally written 10/18/12


I will trust You today
for one little girl
I will trust You today
with Tali’s life
I will trust You
with her heart,
her soul,
her body
Every part of who she is,
who You created her to be
For she is Yours
She is Yours
I trust that You will be all she needs
Today, tomorrow
Abba, I’ll choose to trust You again
For Your love is great
Your love is so, so strong

Originally written 9/27/12


Somehow, some way, some day

Hope will triumph

In Your heart

In the center of who You are

Hope always wins in You

Give me hope

I must live in hope

I must have real hope

Living hope

Living understanding

Life deep, deep, deep on the inside

O how I need Your life to fill me

Your hope to penetrate all I am

For Tali’s sake

For Tali’s hope


originally written 6/9/12